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Peppa Plays Football

It's a gooaaa! Peppa Pig, Susy Sheep and George are playing football with their friends. But who will win when they decide to play girl against boys?

10 M

Nursery Rhymes

Twelve well-known nursery rhymes are brought to life with lively characters and beautiful illustrations making this a perfect book for parents and young children to enjoy together.

13 M


A charming collection of wonderful lullabies and rhymes to help soothe little ones to sleep. Beautiful hand-stitched illustrations will delight both children and adults alike.

13 M

I love you to the moon and back

A joyful celebration of the love between a parent and the special little person in his or her life!

15 M

Tooth Fairy Magic

There’s a shortage of fairy dust in Fairyland and Queen Isabella isn’t happy. Can Sparkle the Tooth Fairy and her fairy friends think of a brilliant idea to make more fairy dust and keep making magic? Join in with the adventure through Fairyland Forest with Sparkle the Tooth Fairy and her fabulous friends!

13 M

The Wheels on the Bus

Join in with the animals as they cluck, jump and knit, all day long on their favourite bus. Rhyming text and beautiful, hand-stitched illustrations make this an ideal book for parents and young children to share.

13 M

Max and Bear

Max and Bear are best freinds. During the day they have amazing adventures together and at night. Bear tell Max the most wonderful bedtime stories. One day, Bear gets lost in the deep, dark woods. How will he get home in the time to tell Max his bedtime story?

10 M

Bob’s Cab

In this story, Bob’s cab is tested when lots of passengers and their pets get on. Soon the cab is too full and breaks down!

9 M

Look Out!

In this story, Ted is busy cleaning windows and is constantly interrupted by the chase going on below him.

9 M

Ready, Steady, Race!

Here’s the track to test your skill. Stay the course and feel the thrill! Champion racers, Start your engines! Jets and motorbikes, jeeps and speedboats – everybody’s revved up and ready for a Wild Race to the finish line!

15 M

Hickory Dickory Dock

Max the mouse is bored and hungry, but it is a long time until dinner. His Mummy is too busy to play, so Max finds lots of different ways to have fun. Follow Max through his day as he makes mischief on and around the clock!

13 M

Anna, Elsa and the Secret River

Can Anna and Elsa find the white river that holds the answers to the past?

19 M

Sparkly Fairy Stories

Every day is an adventure in Fairyland! With three spellbinding stories, featuring everything from shimmering dresses to singing superstars and disco dancing, this magical book is the perfect treat for every little fairy at bedtime.

13 M

Dog Likes To Dig

Dog likes to dig in the flower bed. He likes it so much that when he digs up a bone, all he wants to do is dig another hole for it!

9 M

Ready, Steady, RESCUE!

We're at emergency control, to save and rescue is our goal. There are fires to fight, climbers to be rescued, and baddies to be caught! There's no time to waste! NEE-NAH, NEE-NAH, off we go!

15 M