Mr. Sneeze

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The Mr. Men characters are an enduring favourite with generations of readers and this delightful book includes every single one of the timeless stories by Roger Hargreaves and his son, Adam. As well as the classic stories of Mr. Tickle, Mr. Bump and Mr. Strong, this collection also includes two brand new stories – one about Mr. Adventure and the other a new-found tale about the famous Mr. Men mascot, Walter the Worm. With their simple plots and bold, distinctive artwork, the lasting appeal of these beloved books will ensure this collection takes pride of place on any child’s nursery bookshelf. This complete collection is perfect for toddlers and children aged 2 and over.

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  • ISBN: 978-1-4052-9287-0
  • Müəllif: Roger Hargreaves
  • Nəşriyyat: Egmont
  • Cild: Yumşaq örtük
  • Səhifələrin sayı: 36
  • Ölçüləri: 14 х 12,5 х 0,5сm

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